General Gymnastics is for every body



Our Club’s Aim:

The Allstars Gymnasts Inc. originated as a group of volunteers brought together in 1998 with the aim of providing a programme of fitness and healthy lifestyle, through sporting and recreation pursuits.

Our Club Structure:

President: Angela Pennington

Secretary: – vacant –

Treasurer: Joanna Apse

Registrar: Robert Apse

Public Officer: Angela Pennington

Newsletter Editor: Rosie Wallace

Facebook Editor: Sharni Cook

Purchasing Officer: Dannyelle Robinson

Maintenance Officer: Stephen Lapthorne

Other Committee Members and Desk Attendants: Rachael Clarke, Elly Pike, Tamika Grimsey, Hayley Rice, Kristen Beck, Megan Lindsay, Belinda Hoare and Aaron Morgan

Volunteer Nationally Accredited Coaches: Kathryn Lapthorne and Hayden Thorpe

General Information:

Coaches and trainee coaches undergo extensive training and are required to update annually to maintain their accreditation with Gymnastics Australia.

All positions within the Club are  held by volunteers. You are invited to get involved and contribute in any way that suits you. We welcome you!

Gymnastics is as much a social activity as it is a physical activity… Many friendships will be formed. General Gymnastics continually challenges children and encourages creative thinking and self-discipline. Through a sense of accomplishment, it develops self-confidence.

The skills developed make it the perfect stepping stone to other sports and activities involving co-ordination, flexibility, balance, strength and agility.

Our club chooses to follow the Gym Mix programme which is fully approved by the Australian Gymnastics Federation. This is a non-competitive programme in which children are encouraged to progress at their own pace while having fun. There are ten progressive levels in the programme, and certificates are awarded at each level with the option to purchase a badge at cost price. Pre-school Gym is offered for children aged 2-5 years with full parental supervision required.

Children will progress at different rates, as with other areas of development. We urge parents to support their children’s individual efforts at this, coupled with positive coaching and lots of FUN, has proven to be most successful.

Classes work extensively on one or more Display items. Display work gives all of our gymnasts the opportunity for public performance, which increases awareness of the sport in the community. Each year, we aim to stage one major production in which every gymnast has the opportunity to perform.

The Allstars Gymnasts club won the state level of the 2003 National Volunteers Award, for Sport and Recreation division 🙂

Price Structure:

Gymnast Insurance and Registration  $50

Non-gymnast Registration  $5

Award Level Badge  $4

Club Badge  $5

Gym Session Fee  $7

Club Funds:

All funds, wherever possible, are channelled back into the club by way of purchase of equipment. All members / coaches give their time on a voluntary basis.

Club Requirements:

Allstars Club Membership and Registration

Payment of Class Fees for each session attended

Sports shoes or bare feet

Own drink bottle (named)

Hair tied back (safety requirement)

Jewellery removed or secured (safety requirement)


Gymnasts are encouraged to wear the uniform, as listed below. It looks great when they have their badges sewn on to it, in whatever arrangement they choose.

Polo shirt or T/Shirt (white), with club badge sewn on

Skins / bike shorts / leggings / trackpants (black or navy)