General Gymnastics is for every body

About us


Gym Session Fee  $10

Gymnast Insurance and Registration  $70

Club Requirements:

Allstars Club Membership and Registration (to be paid on or before the third lesson)

Payment of Class Fees for each session attended

Sports shoes or bare feet

Own drink bottle (named)

Hair tied back (safety requirement)

Jewellery removed or secured (safety requirement)

What to Wear:

Gymnasts are encouraged to wear the uniform, as listed below. It looks great when they have their badges sewn on to it, in whatever arrangement they choose.

Polo shirt or T/Shirt (white), with club badge sewn on

Skins / bike shorts / leggings / trackpants (black or navy)

Our Club’s Aim:

The Allstars Gymnasts Inc. originated as a group of volunteers brought together in 1998 with the aim of providing a programme of fitness and healthy lifestyle, through sporting and recreation pursuits.

General Information:

Coaches and trainee coaches undergo extensive training and are required to update annually to maintain their accreditation with Gymnastics Australia.

All positions within the Club are held by volunteers. You are invited to get involved and contribute in any way that suits you. We welcome you!

Our Coaches:

Scott Purton, Sharni Cook, Amelia Hoare and Julian Roberts.